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The Neopets Trading Card Game, also called 'Neopets TCG' was launched in 2003. Produced by WotC it's directed to younger audience.

Neopets TCG is a two player game, where each player has a play deck of at least 40 cards and a separate deck of at least 10 Basic Neopets. Most deck-building articles suggest a limit of 2-3 species for the Basic Neopets, along with a minimum of 20 Item and/or Equipment cards (essentially half of the deck). Each card may have only 3 copies included. Players start with a single Neopet on the first turn, moving up to three by the third turn. These Neopets compete against opposing Neopets in four different arenas: Strength, Agility, Intelligence, and Magic. Winning a competition during a player's own turn allows the player to bank or draw a card; banking enough cards of sufficient value eventually leads to victory.

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Nowa karcianka2009-03-27
Commander Garoo
Dodałem listy kart z gry Neopets TCG oraz większość skanów. Niestety nie posiadam spisów dwóch ostatnich setów: Travels in Neopia i The Haunted Woods. Proszę o ich przysłanie, jeśli ktoś je posiada.
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