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Yu Yu Hakusho

218 Card Expanded Set

• Card Pool Hits Critical Mass! For players to have an infinite variety of decks to build, they need a large number of cards. Yu-Yu Hakusho now has a pool of over 700 cards!

• 10 Starters With 8 Different Teams!

• 5 Foil Patterns! Rainbow and Double Rainbow foil for common and rare cards and 3 special foil patterns for the cards of higher rarities.

• 5 New Ghost Rares Cards for collectors and players. These cards are the most powerful cards from a game perspective and have the most stunning card art.

• 5 Foil Patterns for each card in the Base Set for the best visual appeal.

Card Legend:
G - Ghost Rare
U - Uber Rare
S - Spirit Rare
R - Rare
C - Common
F - Misprint on the card "Storm of Torment", it was supposed to be a C
ST - Starter Deck
L - League card
TG - Tournament Ghost Rare
TU - Tournament Uber Rare
TS - Tournament Spirit Rare
TR - Tournament Rare
TC - Tournament Common
P - Promo
TP - Tournament Promo
R - Redemption
V - Video
X - ?
SK - Skannerz
TX - ?

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