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Monster Tykes

In Monster Tykes you lead a Team of young fantasy Monsters or Heroes who just can't wait to grow up and be like their parents. Too anxious to wait, they bully other Teams around the town, in schoolyards and underground caverns. The first Team to send the other home "Crying to their mommies" wins! Your cards represent the Heroes, Monsters, Stuff they carry, Skills they posses, Places they go, and Moves they have in their quest to become epic heroes and fearsome monsters of legend! Cards in Set: 96 Ages: 8+ Play Time: 10-20 min.

Uwaga: Wymaga tlumaczenia!

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Nowa gra2011-09-11
Dodałem do bazy grę Monster Tykes. Niestety posiadam tylko szczątkowe informacje na temat listy kart.
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